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Privacy Policy

FeedCluster.com respects the privacy of all its members.

Our website collects names, email addresses and other personal information from users who sign up. This information is used solely to implement FeedCluster.com functionality and it's not shared, traded or sold to third parties.

There is a public profile page that will show the user's chosen nickname and description (About Me). If a nickname is not provided, the user's username will be shown. A user can choose to display his or her full name as well.

Member email addresses are stored by the service, but they are not displayed publicly. Members can opt out of receiving emails sent through the website by other members. Emails sent to members automatically by the service are those required to implement service functionality such as password recovery and request notifications. The service also sends acknowledgment emails, such as account creation and submission acceptance acknowledgments.

Our website also collects IP address information from our visitors and members. This information is used for troubleshooting and security purposes. Additionally, email messages sent by users through this website will have a header named X-Originating-IP containing the IP address of the sender.

An acknowledgment email is sent to users after they create an account. The email contains the username of the new account and the registration IP address.

User passwords are encrypted in the FeedCluster.com database using a non-reversible method.

Finally, "cookies" (variables saved by the browser in the visitor's computer) are used to track visitor session state. We track vistors in order to collect traffic statistics, including conversion rates, using third-party technology.